How to Choose a Surgeon for Rhinoplasty?


The decision in favor of plastic surgery is always not easy. A person weighs all the arguments for and against for a long time, studies the opinions on the forums, compares his situation with the problems that others had. Positive feedback on the results of nose correction gives optimism. Negative experience, as well as stories about the difficulties of the recovery stage after rhinoplasty, add fuel to the fire of doubt.

In fact, the question of whether to do rhinoplasty, you need to ask not on the forums, not colleagues, friends or relatives, and a plastic surgeon who specializes in nose correction. Consultations of surgeons in many clinics are free, which makes it possible to learn the opinion of several doctors and on the basis of their recommendations to come to an informed decision.

The proposed publication will help to get a General idea of how to interpret those aesthetic shortcomings or functional problems that make you think about the plastic. The article also discusses the arguments for and against the operation. If after reading you decide what to do rhinoplasty is not worth it, fine. If in doubt, make an appointment with a surgeon. It is possible to solve the problem positively only after a detailed analysis of the aesthetic/functional problem by an experienced specialist.

Interpretation of indications for rhinoplasty

Let’s start with a simpler situation the curvature of the septum with a violation of the function of the upper respiratory tract. Deformation accompanied by functional problems is an objective indication for nose correction. In clinical practice, doctors are guided by the following principle:

The curvature of the nasal septum, which leads to persistent respiratory failure and causes diseases of the paranasal sinuses and other related structures, requires surgical correction.

A permanent breathing disorder is nasal congestion that bothers the patient most of the time. Vasoconstrictors (vasoconstrictor drops) bring temporary relief but do not solve the problem. The longer a person uses them, the more often it is necessary to bury the nose, and the shorter the period of temporary relief.

Under the secondary changes in the upper respiratory tract means chronic sinusitis, cysts in the sinuses, polyps on the nasal mucosa, mucosal hypertrophy, frequent colds, allergic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, inflammation of the middle ear. In some patients, deformation of the septum leads to the development of bronchial asthma and chronic diseases of the internal organs.

Arguments for and against rhinoplasty

The arguments against nasal surgery are well known. Rhinoplasty is a complex operation with a difficult early rehabilitation period. The total duration of recovery is also great the final results can be summed up only in a year. Before the operation, there are no strict guarantees, that is, the doctor cannot guarantee that you will like the result.

There is a risk of complications of a functional nature: lability or perforation of the septum, secondary changes in the mucosa after rhinoplasty, persistent violation of nasal breathing. In the early period of rehabilitation are not excluded and medical complications: infection, bleeding tissue necrosis. To be fair, medical complications are extremely rare.

The decisive arguments in favor of rhinoplasty are a lifelong result and almost unlimited opportunities in terms of improving the appearance. Restrictions are dictated only by common sense. The technology of plastic surgery allows you to completely restore the upper airway and to correct any deformation, particularly after trauma, disease or failed surgical intervention.

How to choose a doctor for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an area of plastic surgery in which the aesthetic taste of the doctor and the coincidence of his vision with the vision of the patient are important. A plastic surgeon decides which nose will decorate the appearance and naturally fit into the image, and which will exist separately from the face. In the work of a plastic surgeon, there is no place for improvisation its pure mathematics. To get an appointment with a real professional with similar views on the beautiful and the ability to calculate the ideal parameters is the dream of every patient.

The plastic surgeon knows everything about rhinoplasty and offers patients the optimal correction that will transform the appearance but will retain individuality.

In our life, we usually pay a lot of attention to the selection of staff at different levels. We carefully select the hairdresser, beautician, manicure and pedicure specialist, do not rush to buy clothes, shoes, and underwear in the first store.

We use the same criteria when we are looking for a good doctor. Usually, we focus on the recommendations of family, friends, and relatives, whom we can trust to the fullest. In most cases, this is the right approach, which gives a good chance to find a great specialist in their field.