Rhinoplasty Prices


Of course, the first of the questions that will sound in your head when you start to think about the plastic surgery: “I wonder how much it might cost?”

A specific stable amount is now unlikely to be found on the online spaces, all prices are either approximate or with a request for clarification.

In addition, each clinic has its own pricing policy, which includes or does not include in the total cost of rhinoplasty preliminary consultation, examination of Laura or another doctor (according to the surgeon’s conclusion about the patient’s health), postoperative care.

The price may not be the same due to the degree of complexity of the surgery, the factors of influence may also be the patient’s age, the condition and structure of his skin, the level of pain threshold and sensitivity of the operated.

Naturally, the qualification of the surgeon is not in the last place in the preparation of the price.

Factors affecting the price of nose surgery

Rhinoplasty has never been a cheap pleasure, at least due to the complexity of the anatomical structure of the nose and the level of responsibility of the surgeon, which obliges him to create a new nose is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally suitable.

Operation option

Different methods of rhinoplasty differ in terms of complexity and, accordingly, the price level:

Cartilage; work with cartilage tissue, not very difficult, the intervention is carried out at the tip of the nose, the price is moderate.

Bone and cartilage; practiced for the removal of the hump, the alignment of the back, correcting the tip of the nose, a rather expensive procedure.

Professional training of the surgeon

To save on finding a good specialist is obviously to harm your health.

Among the truly high-quality specialists, there is no “cheap”.

In the case where (God forbid, of course) you are recommended “wonderful and inexpensive”, ask the price specifically, and if it is too low never agree to the services of such a doctor.

The nose is one of the most complex organs, and no self-respecting surgeon will take up rhinoplasty if he is not confident in his own experience or skill.

And those who are taken to adequately assess your work, the delicacy of the work and degree of risk.

In addition, the surgeon is responsible for a detailed preliminary consultation, modeling, and presentation of the possible end result to the patient.

And a lot of efforts made to ensure that the model and the original in the end result coincided.

Patient condition

Each rhinoplasty is unique because each patient is unique.

The final price depends on the General condition of the patient and such nuances as:

  • Sensitivity to pain
  • The presence or absence of allergic reactions to drugs
  • The density and structure of the skin
  • Other features of the body
  • The difficulty factor

The more problems with the nose, the more difficult the operation, and the more expensive it is.

On the tip of the nose

Correction of the form by means of intervention in cartilage tissue through a small incision.

The level of difficulty is low, the price too.

Comparison of prices for clinics

Exact prices for any type of rhinoplasty can be found by contacting the clinic.

The average price of surgery to change the shape of the nose, depending on the technical equipment, qualification of the surgeon and the range of services ranges from 600 to 3.000 dollars.

In any case, the price of its beauty can be varied by comparing and choosing the most acceptable.

What qualities must have a plastic surgeon to evaluate their work and that patients left him happy and did not regret the money spent?

In order to masterfully perform each rhinoplastic “note”, only higher medical education is not enough.

Before you do plastic surgery, in particular, rhinoplasty, the doctor must undergo special training, teaching all the intricacies of one of the areas of plastic surgery. The training is held more than once, it is necessary to improve the skills every few years.

The surgeon must have sufficient competence in the field of rhinoplasty and have a license confirming his qualification.

Have sufficient experience and demonstrate it on the example of their past work (every good plastic surgeon introduces the patient to the portfolio, which presents photos before and after surgery).

In addition, a high-class plastic surgeon has a sense of harmony, aesthetic taste, artistry, intuition, and empathy for the patient.

The price is formed gradually.

Even if you are determined to do rhinoplasty “even today”, the doctor at the first visit will not name the price.

For the formation of “your” adequate price, you need advice, research, analysis results, computer modeling.

Only after studying all the nuances of the patient’s condition and taking into account his wishes, the surgeon will be able to name the exact amount.