Who Should Have Nose Surgery?


Every person, especially a woman, dreams of a beautiful and elegant nose. Most often it is the nose that causes discontent with its appearance. After all, with cosmetics allows you to hide on your face almost everything except the respiratory organ. In this case, many women often turn to such a popular procedure as rhinoplasty. However, not everyone knows how this happens and what the consequences may be.

Having decided to do the operation, be sure to think about and list all your “pros” and “cons”, do you really need to correct the appearance by surgery? After all, nature has endowed you with the appearance that gives you uniqueness, makes you special and unique. But considering that only the use of rhinoplasty can change your life for the better, there is no doubt. In some cases, it is possible to do by wearing in corrector.

Choosing the right professional surgeon, you can find real beauty with this plastic surgery.

Who can benefit from rhinoplasty?

Like any intervention of the surgeon, the operation on the nose has a certain risk, which may affect the health and even human life. Lying down on the surgical table, it is better to think things through.

For example, the consequences of a nose injury or a deviated septum can complicate the respiratory processes, as a result of which it is vital to go for surgery. Here, the rhinoplasty will be proved with the medicine. To correct visual deficiencies, many decided to rhinoplasty hump nose, reduce a wide nose. But is it possible to do rhinoplasty to all those who are simply not satisfied with their own nose?

Unfortunately, not every person will approach the intervention of a surgeon, and the plastic itself cannot fix any cosmetic defect.

After deciding on the use of plastic surgery, the patient should be ready for this difficult procedure, namely:

You need to get advice from your therapist to exclude certain contraindications. Since doing surgery to people with certain diseases, such as kidney failure, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, Oncology, and mental disorders, is completely contraindicated.

Clearly, represent the final effect of the work, and understand that regardless of the skills of the plastic surgeon, the nose has some features derived from nature, which can also affect the outcome of the operation.

Approach very responsibly to the choice of the clinic where you are going to undergo a surgical procedure, choose the right doctor, whose hands you entrust your future beauty.

Be sure to pass all the necessary examinations in the clinic and make a full x-ray examination of the respiratory functions of the nose.

After completing the operation, you need to perfectly follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Is it dangerous to do rhinoplasty?

Surgical nose correction is considered to be one of the most non-dangerous operations. However, according to statistics, about 10-12% of cases are accompanied by complications. For example, corn may appear after rhinoplasty, which should be eliminated. The reason for this is the improper conduct of clinical examinations, as well as non-compliance with the rules before and after surgery, which the doctor established. Much fewer complications are caused by unskilled work of the surgeon or low-quality tools.

Most often, the main complication in patients is the end result, which caused discontent. For example, you may not like how the new body looks on the face or how it harmonizes with certain facial features. Less often, the surgeon himself can make a mistake: after the correction, the nose does not look as desired: asymmetry, irregularity of shape and so on.

Alternatively, it is possible to consider injection methods, for example, contour rhinoplasty.

If you are still wondering if you can do rhinoplasty, then think carefully about this question to understand whether you need it. But if you decide, feel free to go to surgery and change your life for the better.

Pay attention!

The surgery is quite a difficult and expensive procedure.

No one, even the most experienced surgeon will not give 100% guarantee for a satisfactory result. And re-rhinoplasty can cost twice as much.

Therefore, before you decide to spend an impressive amount of money and painful rehabilitation after surgery, try using a medical corrector.

It helps in 90% of cosmetic cases the correction of the nose shape is due to the modeling of flexible and supple cartilage tissue.