Am I a Suitable Candidate for Nose Aesthetics?


Nose aesthetic surgery can be performed on any individual who has a problem with their nose, regardless of male or female. It is only worth mentioning here that since our organs do not complete the development phase until the age of 15 -16, we recommend that nose surgeries be performed above the age of 17.

If you have a disproportion between your nose and your face, curvature, swelling, short or length, a problem at the tip of the nose, which may be width, size, sharpness and falling, you can contact us for plastic surgery.

Preoperative physical evaluation is required. During this physical evaluation, your doctor examines the structure of the nose. He investigates the shape of the nose, whether it is large or small, its proportion with your face, the structure of the cartilage and tissue inside the nose, the causes of curvature or protrusions above the nose. It also listens to you on what kind of nose you envision, and then prepares and presents the report for the best possible rhinoplasty surgery.

Aesthetic nose surgery can be performed in people who do not have an obstacle to receiving general anesthesia and who do not have a change in their health and hormonal status. You can determine your suitability for the surgery in consultation with your doctor. In addition, the pre-operative report of the anesthesiologist and the result of blood tests are also important. If there is a flu disease or symptom during the surgery, the surgery is postponed.

Who Can Have Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

We can correct the deformities of the nose with rhinoplasty. We can help you have lasting beauty and a healthy nose. Those who have physical disorders in the nose, namely curvature of the nose, long and short problems, having an arched nose, pointed, long, wide, narrow noses, and those who have problems with the width and narrowness of the nose tips can feel more beautiful and healthy as a rhinoplasty surgery.

In addition, since the nose is located in the most important part of the body, in the middle of our face, it is the first organ to affect the beauty criteria, and a distorted nose can also cause psychological discomfort to the person. Here, you can support your psychology with rhinoplasty surgery and make a great contribution to its improvement.

You must be 16-17 years old and over for rhinoplasty operations.