Will there be any scars after rhinoplasty?


Before having nose surgery, it is very important to solve the questions in people’s minds and talk to the doctor who will do the surgery. Whether there will be any scars after nose surgery is an important part of these questions. In these surgeries, which can be performed as open or closed, the meticulousness of the physician greatly affects the course of the surgery and the subsequent process. Unless an erroneous surgical procedure or surgery is performed, there is no suture mark on the nose in closed surgery. In addition, as long as the nose tip is not narrowed in closed surgery, surgical suture scars do not occur. If surgical incisions are made from the area where the nose meets the cheek, the wound can be well hidden in the fold in this area and is not easily noticed. In open surgery, a surgical incision is made in the area between the two nostrils on the underside of the nose. Scar; It can be caused by an incorrect surgical incision, incorrect placement, or improper closure. This situation can be prevented by making the incision in accordance with the downward facing region of the nose and its natural V-shaped structure.

Why Do Stitch Marks Remain?

The traces that people leave on their skin as a result of any injury they experience in their normal lives can explain this situation. Some people’s wounds heal quickly and leave no scars, while others’ wounds heal slowly or may leave scars. There are some factors that determine the formation of scars on the skin. Skin thickness is one of them. Thicker skin leaves more scars than thin skin. The skill of the surgeon is also an important factor in scarring. The scars of people with yellow and white skin color heal better. This is slightly less common in dark-skinned people. Those with this skin have a lower rate of wound healing.

In addition, the scar may be more pronounced in cases of wound healing problem, ie keloid. Keloid also heals by swelling during the wound healing phase. It can rarely be seen on the face and nose.

Rhinoplasty operations are usually performed from invisible areas. Surgery is performed with a 0.5 cm transverse incision into the columella, the tissue in the middle of the nostrils, and a circular incision covering 1/2 of the hole in the inner parts of the nostrils. The scars inside the nostrils are never obvious. The scar on the columella is very small and cannot be seen from the front. This scar changes color within weeks and becomes indistinct and does not disturb the patient.