Nose Aesthetics Treatment After Nose Breakage


The nose is broken as a result of many fractures as a result of impact, collision, traffic accident, fight or falling. Bruising, bruising, bleeding, edema and cuts may occur in some parts of the face and the nose may slip. How to treat a nasal fracture, which is uncomfortable both in terms of health and aesthetics? What are the treatment methods of rhinoplasty after nasal fracture?

Since the nose is the most protruding point on our face and due to its structure, it is the most frequently broken bone among the facial bones by trauma. Sports, falls and beatings are the cause of the majority of nasal bone fractures (nose fractures). It is more common in men than women in childhood and adults. It is most common in the twenties and thirties. Deformity, swelling, nosebleeds, and bruising around the eyes are possible signs of a nasal fracture.

Inadequate treatment can cause significant long-term problems. Nasal trauma in children can cause growth delays in the development of the midface and nose. Early interventions will reduce the possibility of septorhinoplasty surgery that may be required in the future. The direction, severity, shape of the trauma and the age of the patient are the main factors that determine the type of fracture.

Nasal bones consist of flat and flat bones. In cases that occur after trauma, the cartilage part stretches, so the nasal bone is broken. The nasal bone can be hit from any angle, sometimes cracking occurs; However, fracture is more common due to the fact that it is hit mostly from the side. In severe accidents, collapses and fractures of too many bones can occur.

What is the most important symptom of nasal bone fracture?
The most important symptom of nasal bone fracture; It appears as bruising, bruising, bleeding, edema and cuts in some areas of the face. As a result of the fracture, the nose may shift to one side. Because, although nasal fractures can cause visible symptoms, sometimes physicians may request a film for any bad situation that may occur in the inner region.

Rhinoplasty After Nose Fracture The advantages of waiting at least six months for a corrective operation are greater in patients with deviations occurring after the accident, after 10 days. During this time, the tissues settle, soften and become less vascular. After an accident, the nose is evaluated in terms of both shape and airways. Septo-rhinoplasty is often required for a complete result. Bones and cartilages need to be reshaped so that the nose has a flatter contour (shape). If there is no displacement in the fracture of the nose, it can be finished by supporting it with a tampon. If there is deformity and there is displacement and displacement of the bones, correction is applied. This is done in a few hours. Because edema does not occur, it is possible to correct it more quickly. Edema occurs when the nose is broken. For this reason, since the shape of the nose cannot be determined by waiting for the edema to pass, the treatment may be delayed for 3-4 days. It is necessary to intervene with rhinoplasty techniques after 6 months, since the union will occur in the bones.