Nose Tip Aesthetics


The nose structure may look bad due to various deformities that occur at the tip of the nose, even if it is not arched in some cases. These disorders are corrected by nasal tip aesthetics. Nasal tip aesthetics are procedures performed for patients who do not have an arched nose and only have problems such as low nasal tip and nasal tip width. During these procedures, the nasal bones and cartilage structure are not interfered with. Only minor interventions are made to eliminate deformities at the tip of the nose. For this reason, they are aesthetic surgeries that are easier to perform and take less time than others.

For whom can nasal tip aesthetics be performed?
These aesthetic operations are applied to people who are psychologically healthy and have completed their physical development. Although bone development varies according to individuals, it is completed on average between 16-18 years of age. After these ages, nasal tip aesthetics can be performed, but in necessary emergencies, it can be intervened before these ages.

Nasal tip aesthetics is suitable for people with nasal asymmetry, low nasal tip, nasal structure that looks like a pinched nose, and nasal tip width. For people with an arched nose, only nasal tip aesthetics is not enough. For these people, larger nasal aesthetic surgeries should be preferred.

What procedures can be performed in nose tip plastic surgery?
All disproportions and deformities at the tip of the nose can be eliminated with nasal tip plastic surgery. These include cases such as inverted V deformity, excessive appearance of the nostrils, low nasal tip, too asymmetrical nose, longer than normal tip of the nose. With these surgeries, all kinds of changes in the tip of the nose, removal of the asymmetry found here or reduction of the nostrils can be performed. With nasal tip aesthetics, it is aimed to make the nose structure look more aesthetic, while at the same time making it more functional.

With these aesthetic operations, the nose tip can be narrowed, lifted, lowered, reduced, enlarged, widened and the angle between the nose tip and the upper lip can be changed.

What is the process before nasal tip aesthetics? First of all, patients who want to have this aesthetics are physically examined. The expectations and priorities of the patients are determined by the doctors. After the structural deformities are detected, facial photographs of the patients are taken from different angles. Using these photographs, the most suitable nose tip model is determined for the patient’s face. The determined models are shown to the patients, and after the patient’s desired model is decided, the date of surgery is decided. Here are the things you should pay attention to before the operation:

  • Before your surgery, the use of blood thinners and herbal teas with the same properties should be stopped one week before.
  • If you have medications that you need to use continuously, you should inform your doctor about this.
    One week before surgery, patients should quit smoking as it will delay healing.
  • If the surgery will be performed under general anesthesia, patients should stop eating and drinking at least 6 hours before.
  • It is recommended that patients come with a very light breakfast in surgeries to be performed under local anesthesia.

How is nasal tip aesthetics applied?
Nasal tip aesthetic surgeries are performed with closed technique. Since the incisions made on the tip of the nose are taken from the inside, there is no suture scar and it is not visible from the outside. In these surgeries, only the tip of the nose is corrected without touching the cartilage and bone structure of the nose. There is no need to wear a protective tape or splint after these operations, which are usually performed with local anesthesia. Silicone bands or splints are used when deemed necessary after the surgery.

Depending on the problem at the tip of the nose, the operation is performed on cartilage and soft tissue during the surgery. After the deformities in the nose are eliminated, the surgery is completed. The duration of the operation is between 30 and 60 minutes on average. The sutures placed in the nose are self-melting. Therefore, there is no need for sutures to be removed.

What is the process after nasal tip aesthetics?

  • After rhinoplasty, patients are usually discharged home on the same day.
  • Since only cartilage and soft tissue are intervened in these surgeries, the probability of swelling and bruising is very low.
  • The recovery time of this surgery is very short. The recovery period can be shortened further by keeping the head elevated and applying cold compresses on the first day after the surgery.
  • Silicone splints and protective bands attached to the nose are removed one week later.
  • After this surgery, nasal spray should be used to clean the inside of the nose.
  • Patients can return to their normal lives one week after the surgery.
  • Numbness may occur at the tip of the nose and this may last for 1-2 months.
  • In these surgeries, rapid recovery is seen in the first 3 months. The full recovery period is between 6 months and 1 year.
  • You can start using lenses 3 days after this surgery. You must wait 1 month to use light-framed glasses.
  • Your waiting period to start doing light sports is 2 weeks. 2 months after the operation, you can start to do sports with a normal tempo.
  • It is possible to take a shower 1-2 days after the operation, provided that the special bands placed on the nose do not get wet.
  • There is no pain after these surgeries, but painkillers can be given for the first few days for pain that is seen in the form of mild tingling.