When Can Nose Aesthetics Be Repeated?


Nose aesthetic surgeries, which are mostly performed in the 20s, are performed due to different needs. Operations performed in people with a belt on the back of the nose, in cases where the nose is larger than the face and in people who are not satisfied with the shape of the nose, find a great place in the press, especially due to the preferences of celebrities. It prepares the environment for different opinions on whether every person can have rhinoplasty and in which cases the surgery decision can be made. In such a case, the person who will make the final decision will be your doctor.

Another subject of discussion is how the process will work when a new operation is needed in people who have had nose surgery. It should be known that the second surgeries are more difficult than the first from a technical point of view. According to the content of the surgery, cartilage removal from the ear or rib can be performed if necessary. The reliable relationship between the surgeon and the patients and the situation to be reached at the end of the operation to be repeated are among the topics that are effective in decision making. It should be known that the operations called revision means correction and review. There may also be nose surgeries repeated for the second or third time. There are legitimate reasons for aesthetic operations. No one would even think of going under the knife just for fun. Among the remarkable reasons for this option is that the desired result could not be achieved after the first operation.

It is possible that minor problems may occur in every nose and necessary precautions can be taken with minor touch-ups. A nose with congenital deficiencies is less disturbing than a nose with a bad appearance after surgery. The compatibility of congenital defects with the whole face causes the problem to appear less. The ideal nose structure should appear in one piece when viewed from the front. While the integrity to be captured in the bone and cartilage provides a beautiful appearance, the problems to be experienced at this stage cause the facial expression to deteriorate.

It should be known that there are still things to be done even in one or more unsuccessful nose surgeries. The issue to be considered here is to wait at least 6 months to see clearly how the first surgery will result. The period of getting rid of swelling and crusts in the nose will take at least 4 months. It should be known that the ideal waiting period is between 10 and 12 months. Your doctor will have the last word in the process of preparing for the new operation and determining the date. Among the indispensable rules of a successful operation,

  • The physician must analyze the patient’s nose correctly and
  • It comes down to the ideal way of detecting the problems.

It should be expected that patients do not seek an ideal nose and have a nose that is compatible with a healthy face. Aesthetic operations performed in accordance with the anatomical features of the person, face shape, gender, character and profession can achieve a successful result with the support of facial features. The goal of aesthetic surgeries should not be to destroy the ethnic characteristics of the person, but to optimize them. Nose surgeries, which are among the most preferred aesthetic operations in the world, are applied to hundreds of thousands of people every year and 60% of the patients are women. Although the desired result is tried to be achieved with the first operation, a second operation may always be in question.

Innovations in rhinoplasty are provided with the support of technology. In addition to the interventions made to complete the healing process in a short and easy way, more data can be obtained on the results of the studies performed before the surgery. The fact that the aesthetic look is preferred in order to achieve more natural results today draws attention as a counterpart of the bride’s last point. Nose surgeries can be applied to patients of all ages.